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Looking for the new freebudget?

Download freebudget 4.1.1


The leading tool to generate word count and budget reports for RTF, MSWord, WordPerfect, and TXT documents. Now with a new streamlined interface, internal repetitions calculation, project time estimation, support for documents in any language, including Asian languages, and much more...

And this is for FREE!

Note: freebudget is offered for free to all language professionals and is financed through voluntary donations and advertising. This software strictly respects your privacy and does not contain any kind of spyware.


WebBudget XT!

The web localization & analysis tool you were waiting for!

WebBudget XT is a world class software tool that helps language professionals and localization managers to quickly assess and translate the content of a web project.




  • Support for most common tagged formats, such as HTML, SGML, XML, ASP, JSP, PHP and variations

  • Support for UTF-8 encoding.

  • Support for most common scripting languages, such as javascript, vbscript.

  • Code-free text extraction and segmentation.

  • User-friendly translation interface. Low learning curve.

  • Easy-to-use integrated translation memory.

  • Advanced fuzzy logic, including auto-assembling feature

  • TMX import / export support.



  • Comprehensive text analysis in any language, including double-byte languages.

  • Fully customizable reporting options.

  • Generate accurate text and images quotations in a snap.

  • Exclusive SmartCount technology to handle delimiters and special cases.


and many more useful, integrated features you will not find in any other professional tool...

  • Download sites with integrated new Map a site tool.

  • Search the site for specific keywords.

  • Compile the e-mail addresses found.

  • Batch conversion of HTML files into RTF coloured files, highlighting the translatable text.

  • Easily create and exchange text extraction/ budgeting profiles.







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Open-Source translation workflow

Integrated translation workflow and project management system for translation agencies (SLVs, MLVs) and language service providers in general.


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